Our yarn division covers 20,000 square meters, equipped with the finest dying and spinning equipment imported from Italy and Japan. We produce worsted, semi-worsted of woolen, pure cashmere, cashmere/wool/silk/cotton/linen/bamboo and more blends.

We have perfected our spinning processes by applying state-of-the-art automated technology and innovation to every phase of our yarn manufacturing process. We are recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer for spun yarn due to our continued focus on product quality and our commitment to extraordinary customer service.


Our company invests millions of dollars every year working with the world's top-branded enterprises, presenting popular colors for cashmere yarn stock service.

2/28nm Pure Cashmere stock colors
 SP0901   SP0907   SP0913 
 SP0902   SP0908   SP0914 
 SP0903   SP0908   SP0914 
 SP0904   SP0910   SP0916 
 SP0905   SP0911   SP0917 
 SP0906   SP0912   SP0918 
 SP0919   SP0925   SP0931 
 SP0920   SP0926   SP0932 
 SP0921   SP0927   SP0933 
 SP0922   SP0928   SP0934 
 SP0923   SP0929   SP0935 
 SP0924   SP0930   SP0936 
 SP0937   SP0943   SP0949 
 SP0938   SP0944   SP0950 
 SP0939   SP0945   SP0951 
 SP0940   SP0946   SP0952 
 SP0941   SP0947   SP0953 
 SP0942   SP0948   SP0954 
 SP0955   SP0961   SP0967 
 SP0956   SP0962   SP0968 
 SP0957   SP0963   SP0969 
 SP0958   SP0964   SP0970 
 SP0959   SP0965   SP0971 
 SP0960   SP0966   SP0972